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Credit Education Package

Credit Education Package

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THIS IS THE BOOK YOU MUST READ, if you have ever fallen into the trap of being abused, harassed or intimidated by a debt collector. (If you haven't yet, chances are...some day you will.) The author, with over 40 years of experience in the debt collection industry, discloses all the tricks of the debt collectors-the good ones and the bad ones. You can't afford NOT to read this book! You'll learn: - how to wipe out practically every debt you owe! - how to stop bill collectors from harassing you and your family. - all the threats bill collectors make-the ones you can ignore. - how far the bill collector will go. - what to do and say when the bill collector calls. - the "head" games bill collectors play with you. - your rights under local, state and federal laws. - local, state and government agencies who will fight back for you. - how to get a credit card without a credit check. - how to obtain a bank loan. - how to get credit cards with no annual fees. - how to get rid of negative marks on your credit report. - how to re-establish your credit, even if you've been bankrupt. - how to stop the bill collectors.