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Operations Research

Operations Research

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This book is designed to offer a lively applied presentation of analytical and empirical tools for managerial decision-making. It employs several pedagogical devices to help the students to learn the new concepts quickly and absorb them fully. The concept/example format introduced in this text helps the students to formulate the real world problems easily. The excel template orientation outlined throughout the text will help the students to obtain the needed solutions for all the problems given in exercises. The numerous solved examples under each section will enable the students to solve any type of tricky questions in the university examinations. This book meets the requirements of Engineering and Management students at graduate and postgraduate level. Contents: Nature and Scope of Operations Research / Linear Programming - I / Linear Programming -II / Linear Programming-III / Transportation and Transhipment Problems / Integer Programming / Assignment Problem / Sequencing Problems / Replacement Models / Waiting Line Models / Decision Theory / Network Analysis / Inventory Control Models / Theory of Games-I / Theory of Games-II / Simulation / Goal and Dynamic Programming / Markov Processes Business Forecasting/ Invest and Break-Even Analysis/ Index