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Primer of Scientific Management (Classic Reprint)

Primer of Scientific Management (Classic Reprint)

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FOREWORD In preparing this Primer of Scientific Management Mr. Gilbreth has performed a public Service. His clear and simple instruction in the rudiments of the science will aid managers, superintendents, and foremen in their efforts to introduce it into their business. But the Primer will prove of greatest value in helping to remove from the minds of workingmen misapprehensions which have led some well-meaning labor leaders to oppose a movement from which labor has most to gain. That these labor leaders should, at the outset, have viewed the new man-agement with suspicion was natural and proper. The "Beginning of Wisdom is Fear." But the second step in the path of wisdom is understanding; and courage should not lag far behind. Scientific Management undertakes to secure greater production for the same or less effort. It secures to the workingman that development and rise in self-respect, that satisfaction with his work which in other lines of human activity accompanies achievement.Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS; Fobevobd vii; CHAPTER I; Depinition« of Teems of Scientific Management 1; 1 Scientific Management 1; 2 Taylor Syetem 6; 8 Time Study 7; 4 Motion Stndy 8; 6 Task 9; 6 Functional Foremen 10; CHAPTER II; Laws, ob Principleb, of Scientific Management 12; 1 Time Study 12; 2 Standards 14; 3 Instruction Cards 16; 4 Functional Foremen 18; 5 Rate of Compensation 20; 6 Pravention of Soldiering 80; CHAPTER III; APPLICATION OF THE LaWS OF SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT 31; 1 Field of Applicability 31; 2 Posslbility of Substitutes 32; 3 Preparation for Introduction of Scientific Management 36; 4 Place of Introduction 35; 5 Method of Installiog Scientific Management 36; 6 Time necessary for Installing Scientific Management 37; 7 Practicability of Scientific Management 38; 8 Purpose of Scientific Management 80; 9 Expense of Scientific Management 39; 10 Indicators of Successful Management 44; CHAPTER IV; PAOK; The Effec