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Just Manage THEM!: Effective People Management for Today's Manager

Just Manage THEM!: Effective People Management for Today's Manager

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In business and management, you interact with, put everything through, and have to manage, people. And what does Business & Management School teach you next to nothing about? PEOPLE! We encourage our students to read, analyze, interpret, and question, yet we fail utterly to teach them a vital element of the managerial toolkit: how to READ people, how to ANALYZE people, how to INTERPRET people, how to QUESTION people, how to MANAGE people. With a strong focus on the need to understand behavior and engage in ongoing interaction, this book demonstrates that a little energy upfront makes the manager's life and career so much easier. Managers must realize that employees have a role to play in being managed. Managers must strive for collaboration and mutual interdependence between all employees at all levels. Managing people is not the easiest job in the world, but this book presents as an invaluable tool for today's managers. Dipping into the disciplines of counseling, psychology, business, management,- and more - it helps today's managers gain an understanding of the people they work with, gives them insights into the best ways to manage these people, and offers ideas on leveraging the people around them to the ultimate benefit of the business. Some of the key topics touched upon include: * The Secret to Brilliant Management * The Five Most Powerful Words in Business & Management * How to Delegate Properly * Assessing the People Around You * Covert Behavioral Redirection * The Dangers of Business School Case Studies and Empirical Evidence * The Propensity Factor * The Danger of Personnel Files * The Power of "Ask" * Negative Synergies * The Power of Outsiders * Passive-Aggressive Employees and the Different Kinds of Troublemakers