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Greed and Glory: A mercenary view of your job in the corporate world.

Greed and Glory: A mercenary view of your job in the corporate world.

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Like Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Machiavelli's The Prince do, Greed and Glory gives the reader a new contemporary approach to business and Human Resources management. The author brings to life the characters and experiences of both mercenaries and warlords in a series of page turning vignettes. With the voice of an expert storyteller, he combines the drama, the comedy and the suspense with the actors' sensuality and humor while giving each chapter the depth of an almost Shakespearean play. A page turner, Greed and Glory will keep the reader laughing as it experiences and learns how mercenaries apply an arsenal of weapons and resources to survive the battles that win the wars... only for profit and personal gain and to reap their share of the spoils of war. "You notice the vultures circling around, ready to take the spoils of the rightfully terminated, while your resume will linger for months in the vaults of the National Talent Reserve..." A.G. De Murguia C. is an International Business Consultant. As a published author , he has written over four hundred articles, as well as short stories and four novels. As a mercenary, he has toiled for several major corporations and fought their wars. As a warlord and entrepreneur, he has owned several business and hired mercenaries to fight and win his wars. So far, he has survived more or less unscathed the turmoil of our economic times. He lives in California and travels often to conduct international business management and negotiation seminars.