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Today and future entrepreneurship: Starting and running a small firm - for novices and laymen (Volume 1)

Today and future entrepreneurship: Starting and running a small firm - for novices and laymen (Volume 1)

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There are two types of entrepreneurship books currently available in the markets - inspirational where typical authors are entrepreneurs and textbooks on entrepreneurship by experienced academics, majority of whom never owned a business. Entrepreneurship is multi-disciplinary not a specialist subject. Entrepreneurship in the sense of 'starting a small firm' is constant, entrepreneurs are still self-recruiting, selecting and promoting and neither academic attainments nor levels of experience are prerequisite nor criminal records a deterrent - 'anyone from all walks of life can do it when cornered by an opportunity or necessity'. Entrepreneurs still introduce new products and technologies motive being profit. It is entrepreneurship in terms of 'running a firm' that is a challenge. This new bible of a third type teaches the practicalities of running a small firm profitably in a constantly changing environment where the two types don't. Traditionally, A firm literally interprets as a business or company and the approach on what it does simply as buying and selling goods or services. However, this is a 'narrow novice and layman's interpretation and approach' which has many pitfalls. I have seen many firms that started and had to close a few months down the line, reason, they should not have started in the first place. Others that have been trading for years, then their entrepreneurs got into routines, go burst at the expense of other innovative firms from within a country and across the globe which can provide goods or services more competitively. To avoid the pitfalls and hack as an entrepreneur in today's fiercely competitive markets, this book teaches a 'broader professional approach' to running a small firm as an organized functional unit involving other activities besides buying and selling on a journey not destination and turns you into a smart, dynamic entrepreneur ready for the long-haul beyond writing a business plan and business account.