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New Entrepreneurship: A Guide for the 21st Century

New Entrepreneurship: A Guide for the 21st Century

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The Author has compiled this book using the contribution of business owners in various home based business enterprises. He states: "this is a community effort. We share ideas, collaborate and teach each others of effective entrepreneurship." The book consists of two parts; part one is the description of the businesses recommended and part two is tips on running these businesses effectively. PART ONE--BUSINESS IDEAS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY CHAPTER 1--MY FAVORITE BUSINESS IDEAS CHAPTER 2--CONSULTING BUSINESSES CHAPTER 3--BRICK-AND-MORTAR BUSINESSES PART TWO--OPERATING YOUR BUSINESS CHAPTER 4--MARKETING CHAPTER 5--SELF-PROMOTION APPENDIX A--BUSINESS PLAN WRITING APPENDIX B--WORKING, HOME, AND EDUCATION