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Start & Run a Medical Practice

Start & Run a Medical Practice

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Medical schools often don't teach the up-and-coming doctor how to establish an independent practice. This book is for every doctor, dentist, chiropractor, and massage therapist who has ever dreamed of starting their own medical practice. This book will teach them how to run an office smoothly while incorporating the medical elements of the practice. It provides helpful pointers on how to expand their knowledge base and credentials once they're established. It covers all the things that medical school never taught them about running their own practices. Start & Run a Medical Practice is written by a medical doctor, but the advice offered is also relevant to naturopaths, optometrists, osteopaths, podiatrists, psychologists, and veterinarians. This book is a great guide for anyone who wants to open their own medical practice, whether they're a fully-qualified professional looking for a change or just thinking about pursuing medicine.