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Mastering Computer Typing, Revised Edition

Mastering Computer Typing, Revised Edition

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The best way to make your computer more efficient is to touch-type—to type without looking at the keyboard —and this book can teach you to do just that. Mastering Computer Typing has been completely updated with all-new exercises and material on resumes, cover letters, e-mail, blogs, instant messaging, and texting. Designed for self-instruction or classroom use, this book is the ideal choice for beginners who want to move from hunting-and-pecking to typing with ease, and for experienced typists who want to break bad habits and improve their accuracy. Practice exercises focus on subjects pertinent to today’s business professional, so keyboarders gain business-writing know-how as they learn to type with maximum speed and efficiency. Users begin by typing simple words and proceed through a wide array of practical applications, including charts, tables, and columns; business letters, cover letters, and resumes; reports and manuscripts; and timely new sections on electronic messaging. Embedded in the user-friendly exercises are helpful tips on e-mail etiquette, eight ways to get the results you want from your writing, and a handy section on the basics of punctuation.There is also an updated glossary of computer terms and advice on how to avoid “thumbitis” when typing on a PDA. Spiralbound at the top for ease of use, Mastering Computer Typing is complete, comprehensive, and current. It’s the only resource you’ll need to perfect your typing skills.