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Speaking Your Way to Success

Speaking Your Way to Success

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In Speaking Your Way to Success, Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts draws on twenty-five years of experience as a business communications expert to deliver straightforward guidelines for todaya??s professionals on how to speak powerfully and effectively. Whether talking in front of a large group or engaging in a one-to-one conversation, this book will help anyone to speak up, speak well, and get noticed. Chapters include: a?? Making Introductions a?? Developing Listening Skills a?? Using Politically Neutral Terms a?? Speaking in Public a?? Interviewing and Being Interviewed a?? Communicating Cross-Culturally a?? Harnessing the Power of Todaya??s MultigenerationalWorkforce In her signature no-nonsense style, Lindsell-Roberts shows speakers how to pay attention to their audience, support their words with body language, interject stories the audience will relate to and enjoy, encourage audience interaction, and more. This book is packed with specific suggestions that can be applied immediately on topics such as giving and receiving compliments, keeping a conversation going, asking for a raise, and cold calling. There are strategies for introducing yourself when you dona??t know anyone at an event, techniques for initiating conversation, and a checklist for rating your listening skills. Lindsell-Roberts also has a proven, no-fail attack plan for how to work a room. Stop lurking quietly in the shadows and start speaking your way to success!