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The Wealth of Mankind

The Wealth of Mankind

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Netherlands-based economist Mario Stuk swings into action with a bold theory based on traditional practices. It's designed to save the wealth of our planet from the depredations of greed, dishonesty and imbalance. Positing the emergence of a species called Homo oeconomicus, he suggests that there is a natural law behind Cotrugli and Pacioli's double-entry bookkeeping system developed hundreds of years ago - a system found in nature and immanent everywhere, and one which we have sadly abandoned. Enter Homo praedator - a rapacious villain who, as Stuk successfully forecast, has brought to global markets the turmoil we are now experiencing. Stuk's interesting comments on the ECB, Enron, Parmalat and the Mani Pulite scandal show just how near we are to economic oblivion. Can we redeem ourselves? This question is at the core of this excellent and enlightening textbook.