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How to Make the Most of Your Associates Degree

How to Make the Most of Your Associates Degree

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FREE 250.00 CONSULTATION WITH THE AUTHOR when you purchase this book! You have a degree - now make your way into the world. Rumor has it you need more degrees but that is not true. Inside secrets by expert marketer, author and reporter, Sheila Danzig, reveal how you can make your way in the real world right now with your associate's degree. About the author: Sheila Danzig graduated from Hunter College of The City University of New York in 1968 and became a New York City school teacher at the age of 19. She has a Masters Degree in Interpersonal Studies and a Doctorate in Education. She is a professor of Education at the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz. She is a newspaper reporter for the Pines Gazette, and the author of numerous books, including Power Publicity, The Big Book of College Scholarship and Financial Aid Information, Less Than One Year to a College Degree, The Giant Book of Free Online College Classes, How to Market Your Legal Practice and Invisible Marketing. In 1987, she became the first woman to teach marketing on the Internet long before the World Wide Web existed. She is the marketing director of BG Publishing International. She has two sons, two grandchildren, and a plethora of cousins, nieces and nephews, each of whom make her life very special.