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OECD Economic Surveys: Luxembourg 2010

OECD Economic Surveys: Luxembourg 2010

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OECD's 2010 survey of Luxembourg's economy. This edition includes chapters covering recovery from the crisis, achieving sustainable improvments in living standards, making the labour market work better and the Luxembourg financial centre and the crisis.Table of Content :Executive summary Assessment and recommendations Chapter 1. Recovering from the crisis -A sharp recession has followed a long period of economic growth -Policy measures have helped to support the economy -Rebalancing the public financesChapter 2. Achieving sustainable improvements in living standards.-A major reform of education is underway-Greater competition would increase productivity and make the economy more flexible-Housing costs are driven up by weak supply and tax subsidies-The transport infrastructure needs to be upgraded and used more efficiently-Greening the economy will be a major challengeAnnex 2.A1.Progress in structural reformChapter 3. Making the labour market work better -A snapshot of the Luxembourg labour market -Improving the adaptability of the labour market -Policy reforms to raise labour supplyConclusionsChapter 4. The Luxembourg financial centre and the international financial crisis-The financial crisis had a strong impact on Luxembourg-The international banking sector is highly specialised and large relative to the economyAsset and wealth management activities face new challengesGlossary