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Management of Heart Failure

Management of Heart Failure

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Management of Heart Failure offers an international perspective on current approaches to treating heart failure. This book describes recent advances in therapeutics and pharmacology, as well as ongoing clinical trials. It gives an authoritative review of available agents and their clinical applications, reports on recently completed trials, and reviews new developments and ?breaking news? in clinical pharmacology.

The book has four major sections:

  • A review of screening, assessment and diagnosis, incorporating the latest guidelines on prevention
  • An update on drug treatments
  • An update on device therapy
  • Recommendations on best practice for managing clinically challenging cases.

An accessible reference work for hospital–based specialists, Management of Heart Failure provides physicians in cardiovascular medicine, cardiac and vascular surgery, and critical care with the key facts, for use as and when they are required. The liberal incorporation of flow charts, figures and tables organizes the available information clearly and logically to enhance its application to management strategies.