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Documentary in Practice

Documentary in Practice

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Documentary in Practice provides a unique approach to practical documentary–making. Through fascinating analysis of real–life production situations, Jane Chapman shows the challenges and issues faced during the filmmaking process by a range of both well–known and up–and–coming documentary–makers. She also brings her own personal experience as a seasoned documentary producer and teacher to advise on how students can gain invaluable insight from these projects.

Throughout this compelling text, a variety of producers past and present provide their inside project stories and production records, including scripts, fundraising proposals, budgets, diagrams, post–production records and reviews. Across continents, every project and its makers are different whether they are famous names from the canon?, television freelances, art–house directors, documentary–maker activists or first–time filmmakers but they all face a range of challenges:

  • how to connect visual approach to content idea
  • morality of camera presence
  • complaints and ethical challenges
  • legal issues and censorship
  • budgetary factors influencing choices
  • conflict with commissioning editors

All students of media studies as well as aspiring documentary–makers will find this book a refreshing introduction to the choices available for filmmaking and the issues that may emerge during the process.