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The Home Within Us: Romantic Houses, Evocative Rooms

The Home Within Us: Romantic Houses, Evocative Rooms

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McAlpine Tankersley’s architecture and interiors gracefully blend and distill popular enduring styles of the past with contemporary features, providing wonderfully comfortable and inspiring residences. This distinguished firm designs idyllic houses that wed historical precedent with gracious modern living. McAlpine Tankersley is renowned nationwide for their talent in creating residences that resonate with nostalgia, fantasy, and a sense of place. Their dwellingsa??from country and seaside retreats to homes in historic American neighborhoodsa??offer favorite period styles with a timeless quality. Presented are twenty-five houses in a variety of settings that illustrate concepts running throughout their work. Juxtaposing intimate spaces and lofty entertaining areas and combining unexpected materials, such as stone with thatch, are among the hallmarks of this prestigious firm. Examples include a Mediterranean-revival house with sleek factory-sash windows and old-world stone columns, a beach house with a vaulted hallway leading to a light-filled contemporary salon, and an unusual house that blends Scottish vernacular style with modern details. With lush photography capturing the allure of these houses, The Home Within Us is ideal for anyone wishing to be inspired by the poetic design of a romantic home.