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Towards a New Architect: The Guide to Architecture Students

Towards a New Architect: The Guide to Architecture Students

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A one-stop guide to planning your career as an architect.
How do I get a job?
How do I pick the right practice for me?
How do I go about setting up my own practice?
Answers to these, and many more questions, are fully covered in "Towards a New Architect". This essential guide is designed specifically for architecture students embarking on their first year of practical training, providing clear advice and tips for successful career development and management.
"Towards a New Architect" will help students make the right choices first time, ensuring that key skills are developed in order to get the right job with the right firm. From researching opportunities and CV preparation, to successful interviews and networking, this practical guide provides professional and expert insights that comply with the requirements of the Architectural Registration Board (ARB) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).
Provides students with a painless path to career planning by covering the following topics: professional training, the job market, developing materials and skills, on the job registration requirements and setting up in practice.
In particular the book covers the following requirements set down by the ARB and RIBA:
  • Part 1 - Management Practice
  • Part 2 - Management Practice
  • Part 3 - The Context for Practice