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One Fifth Avenue

One Fifth Avenue

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"One Fifth Avenue", the Art Deco beauty towering over Manhattan's hippest neighbourhood, is a one-of-a-kind address, the sort of building you have to earn your way into - one way or another.
For the women in Candace Bushnell's stellar new novel, "One Fifth Avenue" is at the heart of the lives they've carefully established, or hope to establish. There is Schiffer Diamond, a forty-something actress busily proving that women of style are truly ageless. There is spoiled, self-assured Lola, who is determined to launch herself into society and the arms of the right man by clawing her way into the building. Annalisa is the wife of a hedge-fund manager and reluctant socialite, while bitter Mindy is married to an under-published writer and has been the family breadwinner for too long. And then there is Enid, the glamorous grande dame and gossip columnist, who has lived at "One Fifth Avenue" for decades, and sees everything there is to see from her penthouse view.
Acutely observed and mercilessly witty, "One Fifth Avenue" is a modern-day story of old and new money, of sexual politics, real-estate theft and fortunes won and lost in a day. Brilliant and original, no one can capture New York guite like Candace Bushnell.