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Stefan Zweig: Selected Stories

Stefan Zweig: Selected Stories

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Truly gripping, these mini-masterpieces each contain the substance of a condensed full-length novel. "Fantastic Night" is the story of one transformative evening in the life of a rich and bored young man. He spends a day at the races and an evening in the seedy but thrilling company of the dregs of society. His experiences jolt him out of his languor and give him a newfound relish for life, which is then cut short by the Great War. Two of Zweig's most powerful works, "The Invisible Collection" and "Buchmendel", explore lives led in the single-minded pursuit of art and literature against a backdrop of poverty and corruption. "Letter from an Unknown Woman" is a poignant and heartbreaking tale of the strength and madness of unrequited love, while in "In The Fowler Snared", it is the man whose passion remains unrequited. "Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman" is the story of a middle-aged English widow who travels to escape loneliness and boredom. One evening while enjoying the elegant atmosphere of the Monte Carlo Casino, she becomes mesmerized by the obsessive gambling of a young Polish aristocrat. This fateful encounter leads to passion, despair, and death, changing their lives forever.