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The Complete Bible Handbook

The Complete Bible Handbook

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From Genesis to Revelation, this handbook follows the Bible on a book-by-book basis. What makes this lavishly illustrated handbook so impressive is the use of five types of double-page spreads. The "Book" spread discusses the origin and significance of each book, with a brief summary of the key themes. The "Story" spread provides an inviting retelling of the main stories while also explaining why specific passages, characters, and events are so meaningful. "Background" and "History" spreads offer cultural contexts as well as fascinating historical facts that make the reading of the Bible all the more rich and satisfying. "Theology" enters into the mature arenas of biblical study, where interpretation and theory are deftly explored. The religious art and design are sophisticated and elegant-a welcome departure from the often cartoonish or overly ornate biblical illustrations. Yet the most praise should be heaped upon the multi-denominational team of authors that embrace both Christian and Jewish faiths. Together they kept this handbook credible, scholarly, and highly readable.

Gail Hudson