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How the World is Housed (Classic Reprint)

How the World is Housed (Classic Reprint)

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HOW THE WORLD IS HOUSED I. ETRODUCTION THIS book is to be the record of the doings of a party of children who are to tra'el with the author over this big round earth. Each one who reads it is to imagille himself one of the party, and we are to go together over the oceans and across the mountains and plains looking at and learning about the world for ourselves. There will be so much to see that we mllst keep our eyes wide open. Ve shall carry cameras with us to photograph the most interesting sights, and our pencils and notebooks must be always at hand to write down the things we wish to remember and tell to our people at home. Ve shall not tra'el without an object. The world is so large and it has so much to show us that we might spend our whole lives in journeying over it and not sec it all. So it is best to take up one class of things at a time, and devote our journeys to that. In other books of this series we have already gone over the globe to learn hoTable of Contents CO;TENTS; CHAPTER; I I~TRODUCTIO~; 2 A~IO~G THE TE:T DWELLERS; 3 PEOPLE WHO LIVE I~ HUTS; 4 HOUSES OF GRASS, CA:E, A~D LEAVES; 5 SmlE ODD DWELLI:GS OF FAR-AWAY LA:-