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Rescue Your Tanning Bed!: Technical Service and Repair Guide (Volume 1)

Rescue Your Tanning Bed!: Technical Service and Repair Guide (Volume 1)

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LEARN THE SECRETS OF TANNING BED REPAIR Ever wonder how it's done? In this book you will learn the tools of the trade. You will be given first-hand knowledge to help you understand how tanning beds function. You will learn things like: 1. How to troubleshoot like the pros 2. Electricals--how they power your sunbed 3. What are buck boosters--and do you need one? 4. How much air conditioning do you need? Plus, learn how to partner with a technical company to keep tanning bed parts and repair bills low. Buying this fantastic fully-illustrated book is your first step in uncovering in-depth knowledge about tanning bed maintenance and repair. Great for: Salon owners Home tanning bed owners People considering opening a salon People desiring to work as a sunbed repair technician Buy Now--Don't let your tanning equipment sit broken another minute. You could be making money! This book literally pays for itself! Why waste time? Order this book and be one step closer to understanding your tanning bed. Added Bonus: Full listing of tanning bed manufacturers with service phone numbers you can call to ask questions about your equipment!