The End of Advertising as We Know It

The End of Advertising as We Know It

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There is only one rule: advertising must sell

"This is Zyman the zealot, wielding howitzers, high explosives and earth–moving equipment. He demolishes myths, fancy theories, and reputations. He returns to the foundations of advertising, which he drills into rock. He builds–or rebuilds–the house of marketing from the ground up. It may not be pretty, but it sure feels storm–proof." ––Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP

"Reading Sergio Zyman?s new book, I understand why Time magazine named Sergio as one of the three best pitchmen of the 20th century–along with David Ogilvy and Lester Wunderman. I hope CEOs read this book. They will stop wasting their precious dollars on 30–second commercials and start doing some real marketing." ––Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, author, Kotler on Marketing and the forthcoming Marketing Insights A to Z

"Sergio is one of the few who recognize that the real problem with advertising is that the process itself is broken. And he is the only man in the history of the industry courageous (or insane) enough to attempt to change it. You may not agree with everything in this book, but you?ll still find yourself nodding, laughing, taking notes–and reading on compulsively." ––Sam Hill, cofounder, Helios Consulting Group, author, Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes

"If you?re in marketing–and these days, who isn?t–this book is a must–read. Sergio Zyman is tough–minded and irreverent. His insights into the evolution of advertising are vital for anyone building a business." ––John J. Dooner Jr., Chairman and CEO, Interpublic Group

"Sergio Zyman has put his finger on a significant shift in consumer spending: buying patterns within categories are no longer a zero–sum game, and product categories are no longer neatly organized. The implications for positioning, advertising, and marketing are profound–which is why this book is so valuable." ––Geoffrey Moore, Chairman, The Chasm Group, and venture partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures