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Executive Leadership: A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity

Executive Leadership: A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity

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Achieving decisive, accountable, value–adding, managerial leadership is critical to effective organizations. Jaques and Clement approach this leadership question in an entirely new way.

By clarifying the meaning of leadership within the organizational structure. they show that all managers must have leadership accountability, and that there con be no such thing as an effective manager who does not effectively discharge that accountability.

It is in this analysis of what makes for effective managerial leadership that Executive Leadership is at its most radical. Jaques and Clement reject the notion that particular groups of personality qualities and traits characterize effective leaders and instead focus on the requisite organizational structure for managerial leadership to occur.

Executive Leadership is a refreshingly practical approach to the development of decisive managerial leaders at all levels of the organization. It is essential reading for all concerned with organization development, leadership and human resource management.