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Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

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The areas of risk and insurance have been profoundly affected by extensive changes in the financial industry, including wide-ranging scandals, a striking downswing in the economy, and unprecedented government intervention. The Eleventh Edition of Principles of Risk Management and Insurance covers all of these important events while continuing to blend risk management and insurance principles with consumer considerations. Highlights of the eleventh edition:
  • Failure of enterprise risk management programs;
  • The impact of the financial meltdown on the insurance industry;
  • The breakdown of federal and state regulation and the need for widespread regulatory reform;
  • Health care reform;
  • Revision of major medical insurance;
  • New developments in employer-sponsored health insurance plans;
  • Restructuring of material on qualified retirement plans;
  • New insight boxes.
  • 11 edition.