The Next Great Bull Market

The Next Great Bull Market

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Praise for The Next Great Bull Market

"Sometimes when everyone?s preaching doom and gloom, along comes a guy like Matt to not only make sense of it, but profit from it. Not only did he see the financial crisis coming but he saw our coming out of it as well. It?s how we do and when we do that one of my best guests gets right to the point, and you, right to the potential. Invest well; Matt?s got your back."
—Neil Cavuto, Sr. Vice President and Anchor, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network

"It?s one thing to recognize a shift in political realities, and it?s another to have a theory on investing. Combining the two can be very difficult, but Matt McCall has managed to do it with his ideas on ?conversification?."
—Connell McShane, Anchor, Fox Business Network

"Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice investor, The Next Great Bull Market is a must read for anyone serious about getting ahead in our ever changing global economy. McCall?s presentation of investment ideas for our new economic landscape is spot–on."
—Dan Connolly, equity trader, Chicago

"Throughout the financial crisis, investors have once again (unfortunately) witnessed Wall Street?s unexpected volatility, pitfalls, and sadly... abundance of scoundrels. Matt McCall, however, is a bold light of tenured efficacy and integrity, which readers will copiously find in his newest work: The Next Great Bull Market. Matt has brilliantly untangled valiant opportunities from the economic mess of today, bringing forth incredible ideas in areas such as global infrastructure, alternative energy, health care and even one of the most precious commodities on earth, often even overlooked by professionals: water. Matt also details the potential risks of pending inflation, while offering stalwart defensive investments, poised for reliance, should another market storm ensue. McCall has opened frontier markets to the masses, while detailing the benefits and importance of diversification, all in an easy–to– understand style, detailed with clear logic. Hats off to McCall and his tireless research, richly evident in The Next Great Bull Market. At the end of the day, Matt has produced a rock–solid Wall Street field guide specifically tailored for at–home investors during these troublesome contemporary times and a magnum opus rallying individual wealth for many years to come."
—Mark Whistler, Founder of