Heating, Cooling, Lighting

Heating, Cooling, Lighting

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Praise for the Second Edition

"One of the most useful and important books on building design in years. . . . Nowhere else have we seen such clear explanations of energy flow mechanisms that occur in buildings. Take our word for it, this book is a must–have for any design firm."
—Environmental Building News

A leading guide and reference on the design of a building?s environmental controls, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Third Edition supplies architects and students with the strategies they need for making initial design decisions when creating energy sustainable buildings. Based on a three–tier approach—load avoidance, optimum use of natural energies, and the selection of appropriate mechanical equipment—this bestselling guide gives designers the information they need when considering a building?s thermal and lighting needs in order to create aesthetic, low–energy sustainable buildings.

Reflecting the latest developments, codes, standards, and rating systems for energy efficiency, this Third Edition provides detailed information concerning thermal comfort, mechanical heating and cooling systems, climate, passive heating and cooling, shading, site planning, daylight and artificial lighting, and conservation.

New to this edition:

  • Many new topics, such as "cool" coatings, cool towers, smart facades, green roofs, heat bridges, passive sustainability, LED lamps, and vacuum insulation

  • Expanded section on the thermal envelope

  • Numerous examples of recent exemplary buildings

  • SI units displayed in addition to the I–P units

  • More than 1,400 helpful photographs and line drawings

  • A companion Web site with image bank

Well organized and clearly written, without overly technical language or mathematics, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Third Edition is an essential resource for today?s architects and architecture students.