Trader Vic on Commodities

Trader Vic on Commodities

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Praise For Trader Vic On Commodities

"Victor Sperandeo is an extraordinary mentor, a ?wise and faithful advisor, friend, or teacher? as my dictionary says. His readers quote his advice long after reading his books. His new book, Trader Vic on Commodities, in some ways builds on his famous 2B rule, which is that you lose properly. This book, however, is really about winning and breaking new ground in commodities trading strategies. Sperandeo describes how an index that includes both traditional commodities and financial futures can provide a better inflation hedge—and more profitable trading strategy—than an investment in traditional commodities alone. The book is a treasure of statistical tables to show both the ?how to? and the validity of Sperandeo?s trading strategies. Readers will find him still, as Barron?s titled him years ago, Trader Vic: The Ultimate Wall Street Pro."
—Elizabeth B. Currier, President, The Committee for Monetary Research & Education

"Trader Vic on Commodities will surely become one of the must–read books for anyone interested in trading commodities."
—Thomas Finley, Managing Director, Global Markets & Investment Banking, Merrill Lynch

"Only the legendary Trader Vic Sperandeo could bring such clarity to what to most is a complex and indecipherable subject. This book is a splendid achievement from one of the investing world?s true originals. The only thing I?d recommend more highly than the book is taking Vic?s trading advice."
—Keith Styrcula, Chairman, Structured Products Association, CEO, WealthNotes Capital Management, LLC