Portable Alpha Theory and Practice

Portable Alpha Theory and Practice

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Praise for Portable Alpha Theory and Practice

"Sabrina Callin and her colleagues have written a concise and engaging book that captures the key values and the pitfalls of what has come to be known as portable alpha. For those who wish to participate in modern finance, this book is a most instructive read."
—Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman and

President of Greenspan Associates LLC

"Modern capital theory argued that (1) risk can be quantified; (2) an asset?s risk history gave us useful information about its future; and (3) portfolio risk related in a simple, meaningful way to the risk in its assets. In the new world of porting is modern capital theory obsolete? Read this important book to find out."
—Jack L. Treynor, author, Treynor on Institutional Investing

"This book is a beautiful combination of theory and practice with due consider–ation of the ?true costs, risks, and skills? necessary to succeed in the use of portable alpha techniques."
—Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, 1990