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Simplified Design of Masonry Structures

Simplified Design of Masonry Structures

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A complete, accessible introduction to structural masonry fundamentals.

This practical volume provides a thorough grounding in the design of masonry structures for buildings —with clear and easy–to–grasp coverage of basic materials, construction systems, building codes, industry standards, and simple computations for structural elements of commonly used forms of masonry. Well–written and carefully organized, the book:

  • Includes all principal types of masonry materials: brick, stone, fired clay, concrete block, glass block, and more
  • Contains information on unreinforced, reinforced, and veneered construction
  • Examines key design criteria: dead loads, live loads, lateral loads, structural planning, building code requirements, and performance measurement
  • Features helpful study aids —including exercises and solutions, glossary of terms, bibliography, and detailed appendices.

Requiring only minimal prior experience in engineering analysis or design, Simplified Design of Masonry Structures is ideal for self–study or classroom use. It is an essential reference for architecture and engineering students and professionals.