IPOs for Everyone

IPOs for Everyone

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"Renaissance Capital has an edge . . . they provide first–rate research."–Jay Ritter, Professor of Finance, University of Florida


"The Rosetta Stone of individual investors trying to understand how IPOs fit into our free market capital system and how to profit from IPOs."––Mario Gabelli, Gabelli Asset Management

IPOs are here to stay and savvy investors need to incorporate them into their long–term investment strategy. According to expert authors Linda Killian, Kathleen Smith, and Bill Smith, founders of Renaissance Capital and the IPO+ Aftermarket Fund, IPO success lies in using the right strategies to choose the winners and avoid the losers. Features of IPOs for Everyone include:
? The authors? 12 secrets to choosing and investing in IPOs
? Inside knowledge of the IPO market
? IPO terminology and sources

Take advantage of the expertise in this invaluable book–and get in on the ground floor of today?s most rewarding investment opportunities.