Options on Futures

Options on Futures

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Master Options on Futures Trading By Testing Your Knowledge on Key Concepts and Strategies

John Summa and Jonathan Lubow provide an invaluable opportunity to explore your understanding of Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies in their companion Options on Futures Workbook.

The workbook chapters correspond directly to the chapters in Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies. The authors begin by summarizing the key concepts of each chapter in Options on Futures, including a brief glossary of terms. They then present a series of review questions–true/false and multiple choice–followed by supplemental exercises containing simulated trades and market conditions. Answer keys are listed in the back of the book, with helpful, extended explanations.

Topics covered include:
? Understanding S&P 500 futures
? Mechanics of S&P futures options
? The long and short of an S&P credit spread
? Essential characteristics of commodity futures and options
? Synthetic calls, naked writing, and ratio spreads and writes
? Timing the S&P 500 using put/call ratio analysis

Get a solid feel for the options on futures markets with the Options on Futures Workbook. Also included are detailed explanations of what it means to be an options writer, how to determine if options are overvalued, and when is the best time to sell options with the highest probability of success.