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ROI For Nonprofits

ROI For Nonprofits

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Praise for ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability

"Tom Ralser has managed to condense his years of experience as an educator, lecturer, and consultant into a wonderful book filled with lessons learned, real–world situations, and sound business approaches. This is bound to become a desk reference for many nonprofit executives."

Patricia J. Kota, RN, MSPL, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Medical Access Project

"We have done logic models, SMART goals, and outcome measures for years. But after completing Ralser?s OVP analysis, our staff and board members? enthusiasm for the mission increased, as they saw the significant economic value we contribute to our community each year. His OVP tool helps us make a compelling case for support that resonates with local donors and supporters beyond emotional appeals."

Marina Sampanes Peed, President & Executive Director, The IMPACT! Group

"Those not–for–profit organizations that: treat their donors as investors; define their work and planned results in ways that are easily marketable; adopt and implement policies designed to assure full accountability; hold themselves fully responsible for delivering on their commitments; and focus upon delivering a real ?Return on Investment? to their investors, stakeholders, and community will be the organiza–tions that survive and thrive in the coming decades. Tom Ralser?s groundbreaking book ROI for Nonprofits is the new guidebook for not–for–profit organizations serious about success."

Bob Johnson, President, Smart Funding Plus, LLC

"The new approach outlined in ROI for Nonprofits can help nonprofits of any size more accurately show the value of what they do and seek investments based on their value. I recommend Ralser?s book to all of my grantees."
—Pearl McElfish, Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation, Connecting Donors to Their Charitable Passion