Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. . .Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See? offers human resource professionals, managers, and leaders an imaginative tale for understanding what it takes to retain people of color in today?s competitive marketplace. Authors Janice Fenn and Chandra Irvin introduce a highly effective, four–step Model for Retention and explain step by step the organizational strategies, practices, and leadership and management behaviors that contribute to the retention of people of color.

"Finally, a book that identifies why people of color leave organizations! I absolutely loved the fable and the mirror that comes to life. The tools that the authors recommend to retain people of color are practical and easy to understand."
—Claudette Whiting, senior director of diversity, Microsoft Corporation

"Most of the books I read provide a lot of theory, but leave out how to put theory into practice. Compliments to Irvin and Fenn for their insights into the challenges in retaining people of color! I appreciate the content and the Organizational Checklist in Chapter 4 is very helpful."
—Vickie Harris, director of corporate diversity, Hallmark Cards

"I shared the book with peers and our overall assessment is that this book offers valuable insights for executives, leaders, managers, supervisors, and consultants within major organizations throughout our communities."
—Curtis Mathews, Jr., vice president for diversity, CIGNA Corporation

"Finally, after all the theories, a practical guide to retaining people of color. It?s a must read for companies who are serious about attracting and retaining people of color."
—Alana Robinson, managing principal, Robinson Group Holdings, Inc.