The Handbook of Experiential Learning

The Handbook of Experiential Learning

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The Comprehensive Resource on Experiential Learning

In this collaborative work, editor Mel Silberman—experiential learning guru and creator of the renowned Active Training method—draws together the most recent thought and practice on a wide gamut of experiential learning applications from the leading experts in the field including:

Judith Blohm

James Chisholm

Bernie DeKoven

Kevin Eikenberry

Stephen Fiore

Sandra Fowler

Terrence Gargiulo

Roger Greenaway

Joan Gurvis

Marcia Hughes

Kat Koppett

Les Lauber

Mark Lord

Michael Marquardt

Rudy McDaniel

David Metcalf

Julie O?Mara

Clark Quinn

Brian Remer

Garry Shirts

Sivasailam Thiagarajan

Lorraine Ukens

Ellen Van Velsor

Greg Warman