Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing

Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing

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A Guide for Transforming Your HR Department

"In the next few years, most HR departments will outsource some or all HR administration. In this book, the foremost thought leaders in HR have put it all together for us. This book explores the evolutionary change our profession is experiencing, gives an envisioned future, and shows how to transform once and for all into a strategic role that adds value and delivers results."
–Libby Sartain, senior vice president, human resources, and chief people Yahoo, Yahoo! Inc.; former vice president of people, Southwest Airlines; and coauthor, HR From the Heart: Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business

"This book describes the keys to reinventing the HR organization from administrative to strategic and upgrading the HR team to becoming a true strategic business partner in the process."
–Susan Bowick, former head of human resources, Hewlett–Packard

"This book provides excellent insight into the exciting new thinking behind the creation of one of the most successful business process outsourcer (BPO) companies that has been created in the last five years."
–Bill Pade, partner, Oak Hill Capital

"This is a really good book! I recommend it as a must–read for anyone considering HR outsourcing as well as any venture capital firm considering a BPO investment."
–Dennis McGuire, founder and CEO, Technology Partners

"Faced with a real threat of living in the past, this is a collection of stories about creating a new HR future with innovation, spirit, and focus. Every HR leader can see themselves, learn from the events, and test their convictions. Whether you believe in HR outsourcing or not, the journey is compelling."
–Don Packham, senior vice president of human resources, BP America

"HR can only excel if it is able to balance the strategic and the transactional agenda. Without transactional excellence HR does not deserve its seat at the table; without offering strategic value the job is less than half done. The HR profession as well as the line managers, who understand the role HR can play, can be grateful to the authors, who are holding up the mirror so that we can reflect on how to make the work of HR more supportive of the business agenda."
–Hanneke C. Frese, head of group capabilities, Zurich Financial Services