The Paradox of Excellence

The Paradox of Excellence

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Praise for The Paradox of Excellence

"This book reveals a powerful new formula for every business to become distinct and not extinct!"
—Ram Charan, coauthor, Confronting Reality and Execution, and author, Boards That Deliver

"The Paradox of Excellence is a must–read for any company executive. In today?s competitive environment, it is all too easy to become ?invisible? to our customers, which leads to undesired consequences. This book helps put into perspective issues facing many businesses today."
—Garry Betty, CEO, Earthlink

"The Paradox of Excellence is a quick read and an excellent investment of your time. It provides a meaningful guide to improving communications and interactions with your customers."
—Jerry McElhatton, president, Global Technology & Operations, MasterCard International

"The message Mosby and Weissman are delivering is very important to all companies regardless of size or success. In my thirty–four years in business and eight as a college president, I have often seen and experienced the paradox of excellence phenomenon. This is a must–read for all in today?s business and service environment."
—Bill Galvin, retired vice chairman, Xerox Corporation, and retired president, Babson College

"A fresh idea made very accessible—definitely worth reading!"
—Ron Okamoto, vice president, Worldwide Developer Relations, Apple Computer

"The Paradox of Excellence teaches a fundamental management lesson nestled in an involving, suspenseful story—operations excellence leading to high expectations coupled with inadequate management of your brand can be a recipe for disaster."
—David Aaker, vice chairman, Prophet, and author, Brand Portfolio Strategy

"I was so impressed with this book. I?m going to order an advanced copy for myself and members of my management team."
—Joan Waltman, president, Wireless Business Solutions, Qualcomm, Inc.