Investment Illusions

Investment Illusions

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What the experts are saying about INVESTMENT ILLUSIONS

"One of the most entertaining, readable, and well–informed books on personal investing that I have seen. With erudition and wit, Fridson takes aim at the shibboleths, sacred cows, and snakeoil salesmen of the personal investing industry. Investment Illusions is a practical and engaging ?how–not–to? guide." —Stuart C. Gilson, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University.

"Investment Illusions presents much good financial advice and a great deal of financial history, especially recent financial history, in an easy–to–read style. I enjoyed it." —Harry M. Markowitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Marvin Speiser Professor of Finance and Economics, Baruch College.

"Once in a while, you read a book which makes you think, ?I wish I?d read this book ten years ago.? Investment Illusions is such a book. I found it highly entertaining as well as instructive—the kind of book you pass on to a friend." —Richard Lehmann, President, Bond Investors Association.

"Illusions can seem tangible and yet be fallacious. As usual, Marty Fridson uncovers minefields in some of the most important investment fundamentals in a clever and intuitive fashion." —Tony Kao, Director of Investment Research, General Motors Investment Management Corporation.