The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide

The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide

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Praise For The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide

"Brodrick provides an entertaining, and direct, view into the?havoc that markets can wreak. And at the same time, he provides you with a field guide for surviving the end of life as we have come to comfortably know?it. It?s an achievement not undertaken lightly or by many in the field, and thus worth your time to read."
—Addison Wiggin, Executive Publisher, Agora Financial, LLC, and author of I.O.U.S.A and Financial Reckoning Day Fallout

"I eagerly read this entire book cover to cover on a flight from Florida to Pennsylvania—it?s that engaging. From gardens to guns, Sean covers every major topic you need to get on the path toward self–sufficiency. I laughed. I learned. I loved it!"
—Nilus Mattive, Editor, Weiss Research?s Dividend Superstars, and author of The Standard & Poor?s Guide for the New Investor

"Hurricane Frances, New Orleans, 9/11, and California wildfires. For most of us, time is a great healer in the aftermath of any disaster. Sean?s book takes a level–headed and firsthand approach at preparing readers for societal shifts that are already underway. Read it and take your notes well."
—Andrew Wilkinson, Director of Media Communications, Interactive Brokers

"Christmas arrives early this year for us investors. Sean manages to take the actual ?boots on the ground and fingers in the dirt? research that he is famous for and marry it to technical analysis and make it entertaining, thought–provoking, and profitable, all at the same time."
—Tom Jeffries,

"Brodrick gives us a concise and easy–to–follow yet comprehensive guide to not only surviving but even thriving in the new economy. A financial and day–to–day primer for the new economic reality, a must–read for anyone who wants practical solutions and real answers."
—Kevin Kerr, Editor, Kerr Commodities Watch