International Auditing

International Auditing

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An essential resource for the international auditor

When conducting audits abroad, even the most straightforward exercises can turn into logistical nightmares when auditors are confronted with unfamiliar risks, logistical difficulties, and foreign languages. While the global marketplace is always unpredictable, there is no excuse for ever being surprised. International Auditing presents a comprehensive primer on regulatory standards around the world as well as the cultural, linguistic, and political differences that can make or break an audit.

Veteran auditor David O’Regan systematically analyzes the organizational risks that global corporations assume and proposes a comprehensive risk assessment strategy to negotiate these choppy waters. This timely guide also:

  • Advises how to plan safe and efficient auditing assignments
  • Includes a survey on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
  • Contains country–by–country advice and information to aid in audit planning

David O’Regan’s thoughtful, comprehensive guide belongs on the shelf of every international auditor.