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Smart GuideTM to Making Wise Investments

Smart GuideTM to Making Wise Investments

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Smart Ways to develop confidence in investing–ideal for anyone feeling uneasy or nervous about putting hard–earned money at risk

Smart Advice on buying and selling, using a broker, and developing and tracking a portfolio

Smart Tips on how to make college savings, tax–free investments, and retirement plans work for you
? Smart Ways to develop a sensible investment plan NOW to maximize savings and to minimize the financial demands of later years
? Smart Advice on setting your financial goals, understanding the different investment choices and their risks, diversifying a portfolio, and maintaining a patient, long–term outlook
? Smart Strategies to avoid the eight common investment mistakes, such as spending too quickly, investing too conservatively, and over–reacting to market fluctuations
? Smart Tips on financing a college education, consulting financial professionals, tracking investments via the Internet, and planning for a comfortable retirement
? Quick reading and easy referencing with a comprehensive index and loads of sidebars and tables