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Cover Letters

Cover Letters

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Expert guidance on creating powerful, persuasive cover letters! The majority of hiring managers will tell you that a well–crafted, polished cover letter is still the key to making a good first impression and winning an interview. This invaluable resource, fully revised and updated, offers sound advice on writing a memorable letter that stands out from the crowd. Written by an award–winning columnist for the National Business Employment Weekly, today’s leading career resource, this guide is packed with the practical tips and techniques you need to develop an effective letter that will grab a potential employer’s attention. Helpful examples from real job seekers will show you what letters work and why for specific audiences—from employers to recruiters. This new edition also features largely expanded information on conducting a job search via the Internet. This essential reference will show you how to:
  • Compose the basic elements of a successful letter
  • Write targeted letters for specific situations, from mounting a direct–mail campaign to networking with contacts to uncover positions in the hidden job market
  • Browse online for career opportunities, including Internet do’s and don’ts
  • Read between the lines of a want ad and discover what employers really want
  • Pursue a position in your current company without losing seniority and benefits
  • Compose follow–up letters, such as thank–you notes, and use them to your advantage
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