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Antoni Gaudi. Salvador Dali

Antoni Gaudi. Salvador Dali

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This book presents ten of the most important projects by Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali. They are accompanied by a comparative analysis of the work of these two major artists who were capable of transforming pictorial technique and architectural technique into something more, going to the heart of the most recondite spaces of the human soul. In spite of sharing no motivation, time, or profession, the affinity of these two men leaps out at us. Both were gifted with uncommon sensitivity; both were great observers of nature, and also of their artificial environment. This allowed them to include in their work the aspirations and dreams of their society while also transcending it to create a world that is their own yet universal.
This single book is really three books: One of them is about the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi; the second is about the work of the painter Salvador Dali; and the third is on the interaction between both men, based on a profound and rich comparative study that explores key points in the works of these two major figures.