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Clusters of Creativity

Clusters of Creativity

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It is an old adage that "fortune favours the prepared mind", that in many cases the elements of a creativity synthesis just "happened to be there". It is Koepp?s valuable contribution that he assembles all such clustering dynamics and makes coherent "the gale of creativity destruction" that has puzzled us all. An innovative book for an innovative topic. Dr Charles Hampden–Turner, Cambridge University

Every so often one is lucky enough to be at the center of the world while it still is the center of the world. Being in Silicon Valley during the 1990s was certainly just that. Such centers produce a flowering of creativity that can only occur when the air becomes so turbulent that ideas, which in normal times would just be fleeting fantasies, get up and fly. Clusters of Creativity captures this anti–gravitational feeling perfectly. Rich Gold, Former Director of RED, Xerox PARC