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Building and Managing a Web Services Team

Building and Managing a Web Services Team

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Building and Managing a Web Services Team By Nancy Cox "I wish I had a copy of this book before we launched the AT&T Website in 1994. Ms. Cox has done a masterful job of laying out the requirements and detailing the steps — in plain English — to plan, execute and manage a Web service for any company or business. She does this without getting caught up in technical jargon or entangled in the almost religious debates over whose browser, server, software or network is better. Building and Managing a Web Services Team is a very readable and useful Web reference that has earned a permanent space in my office book–shelf alongside other essential Web tools." —Andrew Myers, Managing Webmaster, AT&T Corp. The World Wide Web. Never has a technology demanded so much planning and teamwork, or proffered so many rewards for a job well done. Yet most books stop at telling you how to set up a Web page. Building and Managing a Web Services Team is the first book to focus on implementing Web technology the way it happens successfully in the real world–through the development of a unified and knowledgeable Web services team. Building and Managing a Web Services Team provides step–by–step guidance on implementing and managing a fine–tuned Web services department within an enterprise. Written by Web veteran Nancy Cox this timely book presents a complete picture of both internal and external Web planning processes, including how to:
  • Develop overall organizational chart and strategy
  • Select and purchase hardware and software
  • Choose Internet and Web service providers
  • Resolve security, legal and privacy concerns
  • Design Web services architecture and Web pages
  • Determine whether to staff internally or outsource
  • Create a help desk and customer services
  • Budget, account and bill for service
  • Manage and schedule projects
  • Get buy–in from management
  • Run an efficient Web business service
Whether you are a Managing Webmaster or part of the Web team, Building and Managing a Web Services Team will tell you how to build and maintain an efficient and flexible Web services organization that will enable key business information to be accessible to staff members, customers, and other contacts, anytime, anywhere.