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The Revolutionary Century: Art in Asia 1900-2000

The Revolutionary Century: Art in Asia 1900-2000

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This book, with nearly 200 colour plates, aims to introduce the major themes and practices of art in Asia over the years 1900-2000. While national art histories have been written, there has not been an overview across the whole region - exposing the major themes that affected the art of individual countries within the whole geographic context. It was a century of change, and the focus is on the developments in art and art practice, particularly those adapted from outside. Beginning with a broad overview of the nature of art in Asia in the twentieth century, it is followed by a cross-region study divided into four parts: the setting leading in from the 19th century, the decades 1900-1940 followed by the period between World War II and 1960, and finally the years from 1960-2000. The major geo-political groupings of the region are discussed within each time-period. This has not been easy give that over this century, borders have changed and countries have been renamed. But Alison Carroll, with her many years of experience and travel throughout the region as Director of Asialink's Arts Program, is in an excellent position to provide this long-awaited study.