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Sic!: Kicks and Licks of the Urban Underground

Sic!: Kicks and Licks of the Urban Underground

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Today's contemporary art movement is known, for lack of a better name, as "Urban Art" or "Street Art". Many art critics and connoisseurs grapple with these names for they classify and restrict a movement that includes a variety of styles and extends beyond any and all definition. sic!: Kicks and Licks of the Urban Underground seeks to expand the terminology which is used to understand what is happening in the art world today. It is the first volume of the 36 Chambers Series Collection that is not a montage of images; rather it is a collection of writings from the most prominent curators on the contemporary art scene, including among others Aaron Rose, Francesco Lo Castro, Christian Hundertmark, and Andrea Caputo. Each author explores how and why the Urban Art movement is being defined under any specific light when it clearly is something that continuously transforms and evolves into something indefinable. This is the first book that plainly compares and contrasts the opinions of leaders in the institutionalized art world in search of a more comprehensive explanation for today's artistic happenings. The title, "Sic!", is a term coined by the Drago trend bureau that stands for the "system of independent culture". It represents the independent underground cultural movement in which this art movement takes place. Drago has teamed up with these influential players to produce a unique collection of critical writings that will further promote the work of the "Urban Artist" as a serious art form.