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Managing Online Forums

Managing Online Forums

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If you're running an online community, you know how satisfying, fun, and exciting it can be, especially if you're in charge of a popular site where people come to discuss their favorite hobbies, movies, music, and news. But you also know that there's a flip side to being the gatekeeper of a discussion board. Difficult users, legal constraints, spammers, and technical issues can turn the excitement of running an online community into total chaos. With the right guidance, however, running forums can be a pleasure. Patrick O'Keefe has spent years developing and managing online communities. Now, he shows you how to make the right decisions about every aspect of your site. "Managing Online Forums" is the first comprehensive book to cover everything you need to know to launch and run a community forum, including:
  • conceptualizing the community and launching it,
  • attracting people to the community,
  • choosing a name and domain name,
  • picking the right software,
  • deciding on user options like avatars and private messaging,
  • setting guidelines and dealing with violators,
  • ensuring that posts stay on topic,
  • settling online disputes among users,
  • involving your users and keeping the site interesting.
    Unique, lively, and timely, "Managing Online Forums" is the one book that shows you how to create a safe and entertaining community that users will return to again and again.