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Saint John, Barbados: Lodge School, Codrington School, Codrington College, Conset Bay, Barbados

Saint John, Barbados: Lodge School, Codrington School, Codrington College, Conset Bay, Barbados

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Chapters: Lodge School, Codrington School, Codrington College, Conset Bay, Barbados. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 26. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: In 2010, The Lodge School will celebrate its 265th anniversary as an institution of learning. This extended period has not been continuous, as the school closed and reopened four times during these two and a half centuries. The timescales chosen for this article have their benchmarks with some of these dates. The school at various times was known as Codrington College, The College, The Mansion School, the Codrington Grammar School, The Codrington Foundation School, Codrington Collegiate School, Codrington Endowed School, Codrington Lodge Grammar School and even The Lodge Collegiate School. By 1882 the school's name had finally settled on The Lodge School, after the Chaplain's Lodge where some of the early classes were undertaken. The Lodge school, had its beginnings in a bequest made by Sir Christopher Codrington who had two estates on the island. The Codrington experiment was to baptise and instruct in Christian education which was greeted with much suspicion by other Barbadian slave owners in the 18th Century. Codringtons managers were ordered to give his people time off for themselves (usually a Saturday), Sunday being reserved for Christian instruction through which they were to have the benefits of education and the consolations of Christian religion. There is some dispute as to the exact date of the school's foundation. Building work is recorded as having commenced in 1714, but for a variety of reasons was not finished until 1743. The Barbados Pocket Book of 1838 however records that the Codrington Foundation School was founded in 1721. When the school opened its doors on 9th Sept 1745, this is date is officially recognis...More: http://booksllc.net/?id=20391193