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Kivalliq Region: Caribou Inuit

Kivalliq Region: Caribou Inuit

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Chapters: Caribou Inuit. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 30. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Inuktitut Caribou Inuit, Barren-ground Caribou hunters, are bands of inland Inuit who lived west of Hudson Bay in northern Canada's Keewatin Region of the Northwest Territories, now the Kivalliq Region ("Barren Lands") of present-day Nunavut between 61° and 65° N and 90° and 102° W. They were originally named "Caribou Eskimo" by the Danish Fifth Thule Expedition of 1921 - 1924 led by Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen. Caribou Inuit are the southernmost subgroup of the "Central Inuit", a group that also includes the Netsilik, the Copper Inuit, the Iglulik, and the Baffinland Inuit, the group designation determined by geography and tradition of snowhouses (iglu, igloos), fur clothing, and sled dogs. AhialmiutAhialmiut relied on caribou year-round. They spent summers on the Qamanirjuaq calving grounds at Qamanirjuaq Lake ("huge lake adjoining a river at both ends") and spent winters following the herd to the north. AkilinirmiutAkilinirmiut were located in the Thelon River area by the Akiliniq Hills (A-ki, meaning "the other side") to the north of Beverly Lake and also visible above Aberdeen Lake. Some lived northwest of Baker Lake (Qamani'tuuaq), along with Qairnirmiut and Hauniqturmiut. Many relocated to Aberdeen Lake because of starvation or education opportunities. HanningajurmiutHanningajurmiut, or Hanningaruqmiut, or Hanningajulinmiut {"the people of the place that lies across"} lived at Garry Lake, south of the Utkuhiksalingmiut. Many Hanningajurmiut starved in 1958 when the caribou bypassed their traditional hunting grounds, but the 31 who survived were relocated to Baker. Most never returned permanently to Garry Lake. HarvaqtuurmiutHarvaqtuurmiut, or Harvaqtormiut, or Ha'vaqtuurmiut ("wh...More: http://booksllc.net/?id=14913346